Monday, May 19, 2008

Animation World Network | Keeping your world animated.

Animation World Network is a new site featuring animations from  round the world. With over 500 animated shorts to watch it is definitely worth a visit if you are at all interested in any kind of animation.

Currently the site is in Beta but that hasn't stopped them putting together a very slick and professional site with plenty of excellent material.

{click on the screenshot image to see a larger version}

Check out the Editor's pick, where each month they choose five videos and you can vote on them for your personal choice. There is also a lol Lounge (Laugh out Loud!) where you can view a 30 mnutes helping of various funny shorts. Another section focuses on reviews from Festivals around the world. This is a good way of keeping up with what is happening around the world and checking out the latest talent.

My personal rating : *********

Click on the log below to visit the site.

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