Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Realmac Software's LittleSnapper 1.5 updated


LittleSnapper has been updated to version 1.5 and is available now. LittleSnapper is a screen-capture application with plenty of built-in features including:
  • Snap areas - to quickly and accurately select any part of your screen
  • Multi-window snapping - lets you capture a window and its title as part of your library
  • Tagging - makes tagging your snaps real easy
  • Easy cropping - now much quicker
  • Built-in Ember support - Realmac's online sharing service
  • Library - to organise your snaps
  • Metadata - add metadata and annotations to your snaps
  • Quick Look - preview your snaps at lightening speed
  • Full web-page capture - the whole page, not just what is visible on screen
  • Element snapping - using built-in DOM feature so no more cross-hairs
  • Collections - keep your library organised
  • Non-destructive tools - edit using vector based tools
  • Highlight ad blur - draw attention to specific areas of your snaps
  • Text and Callouts - full annotations built-in including numbered callouts
  • Flickr and FTP support - upload to Flickr or your own server using built-in publishing
Made for the Mac (Leopard only). FREE DOWNLOAD from here:
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