Saturday, January 02, 2010

CGArena: Animation Magazine Dec - Jan 10 Issue

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CGArena produce an Animation magazine, available as a free download from their site. If you aren't familiar with CGArena, its a very professional site dedicated to 2D and 3D animation. As well as plenty of content (including free downloads of meshes, textures and tutorials), there are forums, videos and a Jobs section. There are plenty of articles and news items too, along with a gallery.

You can subscribe for monthly newsletters and the magazne comes out every couple of months. The latest issue (Dec 2009 - Jan 2010) is available now form here: CGArena: Animation Magazine Dec - Jan 10 Issue

Dec - Jan 10 Issue Articles
  • Interview with Oleg Koreyba

  • Photoshop: Making of Grenat

  • 3ds Max: Making of Cohen the Barbarian

  • ZBrush: Making of Red Hulk

  • Photoshop: Making of in the Blue Foil

  • Gallery - Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art
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