Tuesday, February 02, 2010

At 12, Diana attempted suicide. She was a victim of child sex slavery and the nightmare of her life had become too much. Today she loves life. She has been reintegrated after living in our safehome. Diana has a roommate (another girl from the Round Home) they both work at the same job and share an apartment. Read her love story...
Did you know that Every year Americans spend $14 Billion on Valentine’s Day. In one day, they will spend what slave traders worldwide will profit over 6 months. The UK is little better when you consider the difference in population... we manage to spent £1 Billion in 2008, or around  £35 each.

Why not do something different this year... visit http://love146.org/valentines. Love146 is an non-profit organisation dedicated to the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation. Nothing less.

Other organisations working to defeat trafficking include:



Salvation Army


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