Sunday, September 24, 2006

Merse Island Sept 2006

Mersea is famous for its oysters and you can even pick them up on the beach, though how fresh they will be I can't say!

Photographs from France

Here are some images from our recent family trip to Dunkerque.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Its been a while....

Its been a while since my last post and its still summer here most days. Yesterday was very wet but the day before it was sunny, blue skies and hot! Not sure where exactly it comes from but the expression "Indian Summer" fits perfectly.

Over the summer we were fortunate enough to visit friends in France, stayng in their home and experiencing the 'French" style of living. Very attractive it was too, much more relaxed than what passes for the normal state of things here in England. Makes the idea of buying property in France even more attractive. All we need now is few tens of thousands!

Turning to my new MacBook Pro it is now truly bedded in. My experience of running Windows on it is positive. I haven't got around to installing Boot Camp and have decided in fact to wait for the next iteration of OS X when it will be included as part of the installation. This means I can't play games that rely DirectX but as I don't generally play them anyway that is no loss.

Everything else works fine, including Terragen, Photoshop (V5) etc and for a while I even had Ubuntu up and running, but deleted it as I didn't use that much. The speed of Windows booting up is amazing, less than 30 seconds and it easy to suspend it, to free up system resources and then start it again instantly almost! Hats off the Parallels, as they have done a magnificient job. Who knows, they mean even get the DirectX issue sorted but Apple releases Leopard and then I can stick with Tiger a little while longer.

Still no temp monitor yet... something I feel would be an essential item in view of the heat this thing generates. At the moment I switch off the laptop at night as it runs so hot. Its also greener and I'm into that. 

All in all I am well pleased with my purchase and would recommend one to anyone. If you don't need high end graphics then go with a MacBook as its getting rave reviews.

That's all for now. Take care out there!

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