Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Featured artist from RedBubble Community | BidKev

Kev is originally from the UK but now lives in Australia. Many of his images feature Blackpool, in the north-west of England. This is a place very familiar to me as my grand-parents lived there for several years and we were regular visitors. Also, Blackpool is a very popular resort for folk from the north-west of England, so we spent many a summer holiday there.

I choose this shot as it brings back many memories of walks along the promenade on windy days with the waves pounding the sea wall just feet away! I alos like the colours in this one which are a happy accident, as according to Kev they are a result of leaving the film in the sun too long!

Please take the time to visit the artist's gallery on RedBubble at and remember to tell I sent you!
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