Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Out_Doors | Don Simon

This post I have chosen to highlight a work by a fellow artist on imagekind, another online gallery and storefront for artists (not just photographers).

Don Simon

Screen Name: Nationality: US Currently Living: Bucks County Pennsylvania
Member Since: 8/2/2006

Check out his gallery at imagekind

Why did I choose this image? Well, its my favourite out of his gallery and I am a sucker for monochrome! Also, I like the gritty nature of the image and I think it is appealing because of its lack of extraneous detail. Plus I like anything with an urban feel to it.

I will be featuring stuff on a regular basis from imagekind artists, along with redbubble artists in the future. remember too that artists' work is available for purchase, so if you are looking to purchase something special, be it greeting cards or prints, then imagekind and redbubble are the places to go (along with Zazzle of course!).


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