Thursday, August 21, 2008

Current iPods seem to be on their way out

Various sources are saying that the current iPod line-up is about to be replaced, with a new version of the iPod Touch being touted as one of the new models.

AppleInsider, for one, is quoting retail sources as saying that all current iPod models have been moved from 'active' status to 'discontinued' by Apple.

Industry analysts are also reporting that Apple needs to act in order to stimulate the market for its ground-breaking music player if it is to maintain its pre-eminent place in the market.

So, its looking like there will be price-cuts to clear inventory in the next few weeks, possibly as soon as this coming week, before a new line of iPods is introduced. The other approach Apple could take of course, is to keep prices the same but increase the specification. However, the current iPod Touch range is looking expensive when compared to the new 3G iPhone, so it will probably see a price cut, even if the rest of the range doesn't.

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Checking the UK Apple Store, the iPod Classic is still listed as shipping in 24 hours for the 80GB and 160GB versions. I guess this means that they haven't yet run down their stocks entirely yet. If this changes I'll let you know.
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