Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Photographer's Dilemma

Life as a photographer wishing to take his first step into purchasing a DSLR has just got more difficult. After using a so-called 'Bridge' digital camera (half-way between a compact and a DSLR), I have decided the time is ripe for upgrading. My old Fuji 602z has served me well but now I am looking to get back into earning some of my living from photography.

I have a part-time job running a charity but its never going to be full-time. Not that I am looking for a full-time job, but I do need to earn some more money in this so-called 'credit crunch'. As I used to earn a small living from freelancing for a magazine and private clients years ago, I feel I would like to give it another go.

My initial feeling is that I will mix some portrait photography (not weddings) with landscape and stock photography, maybe even some travel photography.

To this end, I was seriously considering getting the following system:

Fuji S5 Pro with Nikon lenses
Nikon Speedlight fash
Ringflash adaptor

Now, I can get this system for around £1,500 inc VAT.

However, the recent arrivals from Sony, Canon, Nikon and others have made the choice less clear. Alternatives are:

1. Nikon D90 system offering HD video as an attractive extra.
2. Sony Alpha 350 system offering excellent Live View
3. Canon 450 system

All of these are within my budget, with some compromises. The question is, which is best? Now Nikon and Canon traditionally have had an advantage with their extensive systems of lenses and bodies. Fuji uses Nikon fit lenses so they are in the frame still. Sony, though the new kid on the block, have made a great start and have a developing range with their new A900 pro camera and its amazing resolution!

There is also the future promise of the Leica S2 on the horizon offering a 56% larger sensor than full-size sensors in the D3 and EOS 5D Mk II.

Maybe even the new Micro Four Thirds systems should be in the mix too?

I am tempted to just get a Canon G10 for now and a decent flash and wait and see what happens. Certainly, the price of the systems I have mentioned are bound to drop in the next twelve months and in light of the current credit crunch maybe that's the best option.
What does anyne else think?

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