Thursday, May 28, 2009

5th Generation iPod to have built-in camera?

iLounge and others are reporting that the 5th Generation iPod nano will sport a camera. If true, this will confirm earlier reports that this would be the case.

In the past, iLounge has usually been correct when releasing its artist impressions. If it has got it right this time then it will surprise many, with the view that a camera on a nano doesn't make a lot of sense, mainly due to its small size.

What sort of resolution you could squeeze into a nao is anybody's guess (unless the thing is for real and then of course the developers would know!). Also, who would buy one.. after all most mobile phones come with a camera these days, some up to 8MP. Personally, I reckon this is just someone's idea of what is possible but that doesn't mean its likely.

My sense is that Apple has been focused on improving the iPhone and iTouch and that rather than adding a camera ot its nano range it would instead concentrate on improving the storage and perhaps bring the VoiceOver feature across from its new iPod shuffle. This would probably be more useful tahn what could only be a low-res camera.

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