Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fotolia announce photoXpress - images for free.

Fotolia (the royalty-free stock photo agency) has announced photoXpress, a source of high-quality and royalty-free images and illustrations. The images can be used commercially for free, even in advertising, brochures and magazines.

Membership of the site is free but downloads are limited to 3 a day (10 once you complete your profile). However, there are certain restrictions. These include:
  • can not be used as a logo
  • credit must be given (e.g. Photo copyright
  • images and illustrations cannot be resold
How this will go down with those photographers already upset about falling fees for stock photography is anyone's guess... not very happy in all probability! Personally, I think that its up to the individual. If you as a photographer or graphic artist wish to release some of your work into the wild, so to speak, for free, then that's your prerogative. However, if you wish to be remunerated, that's your choice too, bearing in mind that's its a competitive market. Horses for courses, as we say in the UK.

For more info visit the PhotoXpress site.

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