Friday, November 06, 2009

Getty Images invites Flickr members to submit their images

The Flickr Collection on Getty Images | Licens...
Getty Images, which last year signed a deal with the social networking and photo sharing website Flickr, has now called on Flickr members to submit directly their images to be considered for the Flickr Collection at Getty.

Flickr announcment says:
"The Flickr Collection on Getty Images has been growing and growing since it launched back in March – with a princely figure of nearly 60,000 images in the collection so far. It’s no secret that there are billions of amazing photographs on Flickr, so it made perfect sense for us to find an easy way for members to suggest their own photos to be considered for the Flickr Collection on Getty Images.
Starting today you can submit a portfolio of 10 images to the Getty Images Call for Artists group, giving you an opportunity to showcase your best shots directly to the editors at Getty Images. The Getty Images creative team will regularly review the photos in the group pool, looking out for images they feel are marketable based on their industry expertise, and inviting new photographers to join the collection.
So, if you think your photos rock and are interested in being considered for the collection, join the Getty Images Call for Artists group and follow the submission guidelines or check out our updated FAQs."

A word of caution:
Not everyone thinks that its a good idea to submit your images to Getty (and other photo agencies that operate on the so-called 'microstock photography' business model). The main thrust of their argument (the opponents, that is) is that Getty is a bit like Wal-Mart, piling them high and selling them cheap, as it were. This means that the photographer gets only a small a royalty for the use of their image and that this is a mere pittance and no proper reward.

An example of someone who opposes the Getty model is Todd Klassy. Read his comments on the Flickr blog here

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