Friday, January 15, 2010

Every now and then something bad happens in the world and it captures everyone's imagination in a way that other 'natural disasters' fail to do. Recent events in Haiti is one such example. Which of us can fail to be moved by what we see on our TV's and the horror of it all. Along with my fellow bloggers I ask you to support the people of Haiti in their hour of need, pure and simple.. give some cash and in a small way stand alongside your fellow human beings. They may not be able to thank you but on their behalf I will.... so 'THANK YOU".

If you wish to donate click on any of the links below:
Thank you once again for your generosity of spirit and simple humanity. Here is a video that you may want to watch. It contains personal testimony and will move you to tears.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Saturday, January 02, 2010

CGArena: Animation Magazine Dec - Jan 10 Issue

Animation magazine, ezine

CGArena produce an Animation magazine, available as a free download from their site. If you aren't familiar with CGArena, its a very professional site dedicated to 2D and 3D animation. As well as plenty of content (including free downloads of meshes, textures and tutorials), there are forums, videos and a Jobs section. There are plenty of articles and news items too, along with a gallery.

You can subscribe for monthly newsletters and the magazne comes out every couple of months. The latest issue (Dec 2009 - Jan 2010) is available now form here: CGArena: Animation Magazine Dec - Jan 10 Issue

Dec - Jan 10 Issue Articles
  • Interview with Oleg Koreyba

  • Photoshop: Making of Grenat

  • 3ds Max: Making of Cohen the Barbarian

  • ZBrush: Making of Red Hulk

  • Photoshop: Making of in the Blue Foil

  • Gallery - Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art
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