Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Template feature in BigCommerce is a great way to tailor your ecommerce site

The template feature in BigCommerce is a great way to tailor the look of your ecommerce site.

With 65 designs to start off with and with full access to html files and css stylesheets for each one, there are plenty of options to tweak your site to just how you like it.

Not all theme allow you to change the header image though, so if you want to upload your own header image be sure to check whether your chosen template allows this before spending time tweaking other aspects only to find out that you can't upload that key banner image.

The great thing about the Store Design facility on BigCommerce is that you have full access to template files and can download them to edit them in Dreamweaver or similar software. Once you have your files just as you like them you can upload them and 'hey presto' you have your site just looking how you like!

This also means of course that if you are no web design guru you can hire someone who is or enlist the hlp of a friend or colleague to do the design work. So, if you are unhappy with your current ecommerce solution and looking to move, you could do a lot worse than BigCommerce. Why not try out the free 15-day trial and take it for a test drive? With their new Facebook Shop Application, there is now an even better reason to sign up.
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