Monday, July 12, 2010

US papers issue "Cease and Desist" order to website

Papers to website: stop quoting our stories. Website to papers: you'll be the loser

Three US newspaper chains have demanded that a popular political website stop quoting from their papers, claiming that the site is guilty of a "flagrant and persistent theft of our clients' intellectual property" reports Roy Greenslade on The Guardian Blog. Read more of the article here.

Of course, the debate about how much one is allowed to 'quote' before its considered plagiarism is not a new one. To some extent or other, the whole blog-sphere depends on quoting from the writings of others. In many ways, that's what makes the whole blogging thing work, the hyperlinks to other information around the web. Indeed, all bloggers love it when others quote and link to their blogs... it helps raise their SEO profile and bring in more readers.

So,what do you think? Are the newspaper publishers right or is it just sour grapes that the online media world is doing better than the paper publishing world?

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