Saturday, February 12, 2011

A580 DSLR - living in the shadow of A55?

The Sony A580 DSLR hasn't received the same level of attention that it's sibling, the A55 has. This may be due to the A55 (along with the A33) having the cool and sexy Translucent mirror technology, whereas the A580 comes with the more traditional mirror technology inside.

In terms of specification, other than the mirror technology and it's benefits, there isn't a great deal of difference between the two models.

Here's what they have in common:

Resolution: 16.2 MP Resolution
Sensor: APS-C sensor
Live View: Quick AF Live View
Video: Full HD AVCHD video
Rear LCD: 7.5cm LCD Screen with vertical tilt (A55 has swivel as well)
CPU: BIONZ processor with dual Noise reduction
Creative features:
  • Sweep Panorama with 
  • ISO: Up to ISO 12800 on both cameras
  • AF System: 15-point phase-detection AF system with 3 cross-type sensors
  • Image Stabilisation: SteadyShot INSIDE
  • Sensor Cleaning: Dual anti-dust system
  • HD Connector: HDMI® output
  • BRAVIA TV: BRAVIA® Sync to allow direct control of camera playback via TV Remote
Here's where they differ:
  • Viewfinder: A55 has EVF (1.15 million dots resolution) whereas A580 has optical viewfinder (95% coverage) 
  • High Speed Continuous Shooting: A55 has 10fps compared to A580's 7fps

So, one can see that in essence there is little between them and both would make ideal choices for the intermediate photographer or even a professional looking for a second body to complement their A900 or A700.

Price-wise they are similarly priced: A580 body currently £589.00 and A55 available for £649, so if you can do without the extra 3fps of the A55 and prefer an optical viewfinder to an EVF, you can save yourself  almost £60.00.

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