Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photographers turning to iPad to publish their work

The BJP has an interesting article on how photographers are increasingly turning to the iPad to bring their work to a wider audience. In particular, documentary photographers have struggled getting their work out there and they are the ones leading the charge into this new digital landscape.

Amongst those featured in the article are Kadir van Lohuizen, who is interested in migration and has travelled widely documenting the issues surrounding migration from South America to Gaza.

Certainly, the iPad lends itself well to self-publishing and the growth in publishers using it as a platform is evidence of that. Traditionally, documentary photographers would rely on editorial work for their 'bread and butter' and hope to get a book publishing deal and exhibitions to expand their audience and bring in some much-needed income. No-one really gets rich from documentary photography and it can be positively dangerous, even lethal.

With the economic woes that the publishing world is experiencing at the moment, its not been easy for even respected documentary photographers to get funding. If anything can help, its surely the iPad. Read the full article here:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nikon 1 VI Revealed

The Nikon V1 is Nikon's take on the compact camera with interchangeable lenses. It looks fantastic but the price is not cheap. As you can see form the video above, the V1 comes with some interesting features that are sure to attract many buyers. The main features are:

  • High-resolution, high-contrast electronic viewfinder ...more
  • Full HD MOVIE 1080/60i ...more
  • Smart Photo Selector mode ensures you'll never miss those decisive moments ...more
  • An optional mount adapter allows Nikon 1 cameras to be used with F mount NIKKOR lenses ...more
  • Slow Motion Movie 400fps(640x240)/1,200fps(320x120) ...more
  • Available in very iconic color represents design philosophy, solid black and white.
  • The top face has a total of only three buttons, while the rear face features a simple mode dial ...more
  • LCD monitor with crystal clear resolution. 3-inch LCD monitor with protection glass and a wide viewing angle.(approx. 920k-dot) ...more
  • Short motion Creator, Easy-to-use movie editing software ...more are already listing prices for the various models:
  • 1 V1 Digital Camera + 10-30mm for £829 (inc. VAT)  
  • 1 V1 Digital Camera + 10mm for £879 (inc. VAT)  
  • 1 V1 Digital Camera + 10-30mm & 30-110mm for £979 (inc. VAT)  
All in all, its a very attractive combination of features combined with the size and compactness that makes the Nikon 1 an interesting development in the world of photography. Certainly, if you are in the market for a quality compact camera system with the reassurance of the Nikon brand then be sure to check it out once it is in the stores.

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