Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tokyo gets the world's fastest broadband!

SABIC Innovative Plastics: Fiber Optic Connect...SABIC Innovative Plastics: Fiber Optic Connectors Made Using SABIC Innovative Plastics' Ultem* Resin (Photo credit: PressReleaseFinder)

For about $50 per month you can become the proud owner of the world's fastet broadband. However, there are just one or two catches. First, you have to live in Japan and secondly, you have to sign up for a 2-year contract. If that's no problem then you can enjoy a 2Gbps connection! Its on offer from So-net, an Internet service provider owned by the Japanese company Sony.

Although Japan is noted for the speed of its internet connections, with up to a quarter of the population on fibre, this is still a very impressive development. Especially when you consider that here in the UK there are still plenty of people who would love a 2Mbps connection! 

What woudl you do with a 2Gbps connection I wonder? Stream HD video to your PC all day long. Internet gaming. Download software non-stop? I am not really sure who needs this sort of connection but no doubt someone will find a way to max out their connection and at that price who can blame them for trying.

Just one other thought, is this really the best use of resources - couldn't the same energy (literally) be expended in providing decent connections to everyone instead of a limited number? Maybe even use some of the money and energy expended on helping the poor get onto the web for starters? Just a thought.

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