Friday, September 11, 2015

Vintage Lenses - continuing the journey

Over the past couple of weeks I have bought a quite a selection of vintage lenses (plus several camera bodies, flash guns, filters etc). Most have been sourced from eBay, though a couple of lots came from CashConverters and one from Etsy.

My intention was two-fold:
  1. Explore different vintage lenses with a view to using them (with an adapter) on my Sony a6000;
  2. Get hold of some quality glass at a lower cost (in most cases at much-reduced cost).
So far I have bought several lenses including:
  1. Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar F2.8 50mm (two examples in M42 fitting)
  2. Vivitar  70-210mm F4.5 zoom (in PK fitting)
  3. Vivitar Series 1 VMC Macro 28-90mm F2.8-3.5 (OM fitting)
  4. Carl Zeiss Sonnar F2.8 90mm (Contax G fitting)
  5. Carl Zeiss Biogon T* F2.8 28mm (Contax G fitting)
  6. Tokina 28-70mm F3.5 (Minolta fitting)
  7. Rollienar-MC F2.8 135mm (Rollei QBM fitting)
  8. Rolleinar-MC F3.5 200mm (Rollei QBM fitting)
  9. Praktica Pentacon MC F1.8 50mm ( 3 examples, two M42 and one Praktica Bayonet fitting)
  10. Nikkor AF 35-70mm F2.2-4.5 (Nikon F Mount)
  11. Sunagor Auto F4 200mm (M42 fitting)
  12. Minolta MD F1.7 50mm (Minolta fitting)
  13. Sun Auto F4.5 85-210mm (M42 fitting)
  14. Vivitar F2.8 28mm (Praktica Bayonet fitting)
  15. Prakticar MC Auto F4.0-5.6 70-210mm (Praktica Bayonet fitting)
  16. Super-Paragon FMC Auto F3.8 80-200mm (M42 fitting)
  17. Fujita F4.5 135mm (Exakta fitting)
In terms of prices, most were under £50 (spme as little as £20). I also managed to get a job lot of 7 lenses, along with a Praktica BX20 body and two flashguns for £35.00 plus P&P (less than £5 a lens!). The two most expensive ones were, not surprisingly) the two Carl Zeiss lenses for Contax G. These cost me a total of £334 inc P&P, plus the cost of an adapter (£26.90 knc P&P). However, to buy the modern versions of these lenses in the Sony E mount would cost much more. For example, the Sony E 24mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* Lens costs £679 from Clifton Cameras, whilst the Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS costs £989 (and it's not a Carl Zeiss!). When you consider that these lenses are probably, to all intent and purposes, as good as their modern equivalents, I made a saving of £1,334!

With so many lenses to test it will be quite a while before I work through them all. I have made a start (as you can see from earlier posts) and intend to get through them all in the coming months. I envisage that I will keep a selection (the Contax G lenses are definitely never going to leave my hands, not whilst I live and breathe, so don't even ask!), but the rest will be listed on eBay at some point, along with my test results (including test images).

In the meantime, I have added some images taken on the Contax G lenses:

Carl Zeiss Biogon F2.8/28mm
Carl Zeiss Biogon T* F2.8/28mm

Carl Zeiss Sonnar F2.8/90mm
Carl Zeiss Sonnar F2.8/90mm

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