Thursday, February 02, 2017

Panoramic shots used to require expensive and specialist equipment. These days, most digital cameras come with a built-in panoramic mode. This image, taken in Arezzo, Tuscany, was taken on my Samsung NX11. The camera was quite a good little camera, light and compact to carry around but still capable of taking a decent image. The panoramic mode was ok for holiday snaps, so to speak, but due to the relatively low-res, I wouldn't use in a professional setting.

More recent cameras on the market offer better resolution, even in their panoramic mode. The Samsung NX11 had the following specification:

  1. Resolution: 14.6 MP (CMOS APS-C sensor)
  2. LCD screen: 3 inches (614k dots)
  3. Shutter speeds: 30 sec to 1/4000 sec
  4. ISO: 100 - 3200
  5. Viewfinder: VGA (640 x 480) 921k dots equivalent.
  6. Continuous shooting: 3fps
  7. Weight: 353g
  8. Width: 123mm
  9. Height: 87mm
  10. Depth: 39.8mm
I enjoyed it, especially for travel photography, due its size and weight. It was easy on the hand and even with a couple of lenses, it was portable.

More recently, I have been using my Sony A6000 with a couple of kit lenses. Better resolution and faster auto-focus, but just as light really. However, after a couple of years of using it, I am ready for a change. here is my short-list:

  1. Fujifilm X-T2
  2. Panasonic GH5
  3. Nikon 500
  4. Olympus' OM-D E-M1 Mark II
I have only had the chance to try out the Fuji, so once the GH5 is available, I will give that a try. The Nikon and Olympus are bit out of my budget but I would like to try them out and compare them before finally making my mind up. Cheaper options include the Pentak (Ricoh) KP and Fuji X-T20. I will be reading the reviews and seeing how they compare.

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