Monday, June 01, 2020

Lockdown Update: What I have been up to during lockdown here in England.

Welsh landscape

It's been many weeks now since I went into my own personal lockdown. Due to some health issues I started my lockdown a couple of weeks before the official one here in England. Fortunately we have a decent sized garden with a south facing aspect so I haven't felt the need to go on walks locally.

Apart from watching too much TV (been enjoying Designated Survivor:60 days - the Korean version) and playing online games (World of Warships if you must know), I have taken some photos in the garden and been going through my library of images, trying to sort out the dross and do some re-organising. After years of saving to numerous hard drives, CDs and online (Dropbox and Google Drive mainly) I have realised that my library is in a total mess, with duplication and no systematic labelling of folders etc. I did once try to organise everything in Lightroom but even on a fast iMac it is too slow. Even Luminar 4 can't cope. So far I have barely scratched the surface. I guess I will have to wait until I can afford some 12TB hard drives to put into my NAS instead of the measly 1TB ones I have in there at the moment!

Speaking of Luminar 4, at the top is an image I took last autumn in Wales. Although it was a nice day the image is a bit flat, so I decided to see if I could fix that in Luminar 4. Here is the result:

Welsh landscape post-processed in Luminar 4

Hopefully you will agree that the end result is an improvement, although maybe the sky is a little over-saturated. My recollection is that the sky was closer to the second image than the first which had a fairly flat profile in camera (FujiFilm X-H1).

Here are my settings in Luminar:

AI Enhance settings in Luminar 4
AI Enhance settings in Luminar 4

Landscape Enhancer settings in Luminar 4

Luminar 4 makes it easy to do various edits to your image and you can even save the settings as a preset in the Luminar Looks toolbar for reuse with other images.

If you are interested in purchasing Luminar 4 check out the link below for some great deals.

Affiliate link: Luminar 4

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