Thursday, May 06, 2021

Lockdown update: What lies ahead?

What comes after lockdown?

Lockdown in the UK has been difficult for everyone, though for some it has been very difficult. As a trustee of a small charity helping those who have found themselves in very difficult circumstances due to debt I am well aware that for many lockdown has been a very real struggle.

For me personally it has not been easy but at least I haven't had some of the problems so many in our communities have. I am retired (effectively) and although my health has been well below par I have managed to get through lockdown without too many setbacks.

In terms of photography I have done very little since March last year. For much of the past year I have avoided contact with others outside my immediate household, mainly to minimise the risk of contracting COVID. With my health issues it would possibly have been fatal. Thankfully, I have now had my first vaccine jab (Astrazeneca) and am due my second one soon. In light of the progress made in vaccinating the population here in the UK and with the increasing easing of lockdown restrictions, I have started to give some thought of what comes next.

Like many folk, during lockdown I put on a few extra pounds. As I was already overweight I decided it was now time to do something about this. As I start I decided that the cheapest way (we all need to save money, right?) to improve my overall level of fitness and lose some of those extra pounds was to go for a daily walk. Now that I feel safer doing without wearing a mask (which doesn't help with my breathing when worn for long periods) I am trying to build up my daily total to 10,000 steps. So far it going ok with most days around the 5,000 steps mark. I have also replaced one meal a day with a balanced nutritious drink that is just 400 kcals. This is helping me to gradually lose those aforementioned pounds. On that my front, my target is to lose 10kgs in a month and to continue this until my weight is closer to the ideal BMI for someone my age etc.

Longer term

It was my intention to start freelancing as a photographer just as the pandemic hit and but an end to that idea. However, now that things are opening up I am looking at reviving this idea. I really want to focus (apologies for the pun) on my photography in the near future and to do so as a way of generating an income whilst doing something I really enjoy. Although I love street photography and landscapes, I want to focus on social documentary style portraits, of individuals and groups. I still have my Fuji gear and some lighting so there is no additional gear I need. Watch this space!

Another aspect of life that got delayed by the pandemic was a move 'up north' back to my native Lancashire. Now that things are getting back to some kind of normality (at least here in UK) that is once again something that we will be looking at. Essex has been home for over 20 years now but I miss the hills (the Pennines) and my family. My mum is on her own now and though my sisters live close to her the lockdown has taken its toll on them all. Family is important and it's time to be physically closer to them.

So, to conclude, life has finally moved on from being cooped up indoors under lockdown. In view of that I intend to post more often here and hope you will come back to read those future posts. Take care and stay safe. Thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones, still have symptoms from COVID (so-called 'long Covid') and all those who have not been as fortunate as those of us to have the vaccine, especially in countries like Brazil and India. 

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What comes after lockdown? Lockdown in the UK has been difficult for everyone, though for some it has been very difficult. As a trustee of a...