Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Mood of the Morning by Phil Thomson IPA

This is another discovery I made on RedBubble. Phil is an Australian member of the community at RB. Like myself, he is a Christian and takes a similar approach to the world around him. However, I chose this shot before I knew that.

The notes tell us that its an image of "a rather misty morning at the ‘Leigh Estate’ farm,West of Geelong." As you look into the scene don't you just wish you were there right now, drinking in the scene and enjoying the morning light as it filters through the damp mist. I do and that's why I chose this shot.

Do drop by his gallery and enjoy some of the many fine images he has on display. I am sure you will find much to delight in. Why not leave a nice comment or two, or even better, buy a card or print!

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