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Apple updates Final Cut Studio with more than 100 new features!

Final Cut Studio box
Apple has released the new Final Cut Studio, with over 100 new features. Consisting of 5 applications (Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, Color 1.5 and Compressor 3.5), it provides virtually everything the filmmaker needs in one brilliant combination.

Final Cut Pro 7

Highlights include:

Expanded ProRes family

ProRes is an Apple codec that allows you to edit at HD quality with SD file sizes. In addition to the original ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 (HQ) versions, Apple now offers three new ProRes versions, ranging from an efficient proxy version for use on notebook computers to a high-quality version for use in compositing.

Incredible effects and transitions

Final Cut Pro 7 offers real-time performance for more than 150 filters and effects as well as for multistream video. New speed change tools and expanded support for Alpha transitions offer even more options. Use the SmoothCam feature to stabilise shaky shots while preserving standard camera moves.

Broad format support

Final Cut Pro 7 lets you edit natively in almost any format across the full spectrum of tape and file-based media. You can even mix and match formats and frame rates in the Timeline, including any of the five versions of Apple ProRes.

Open, extensible architecture

Open standards such as QuickTime and FxPlug encourage interoperability with a host of third-party tools. Build a custom facilitywide solution around Final Cut Pro using its updated open, standards-based XML interchange format.

Seamless collaboration

New collaboration tools make it easy to work with clients and colleagues, whether they’re across the hall or on the other side of the world. Discuss the edit in real time with iChat Theater, instantly post video to the web, or use Final Cut Server for effortless asset sharing and automated review and approval.

Digital cinema workflows

Featuring deeper integration with Color, Final Cut Pro 7 is ideal for digital intermediate workflows for projects shot on film, as well as cutting-edge workflows for video from high-resolution cameras such as the RED ONE. Improved relinking with Cinema Tools 4.5 allows you to produce change lists and edit lists with confidence.

Comprehensive editing tools

Work quickly using a complete set of professional editing and trimming tools, with a full range of customisation options for flexibility and control. Numerous interface improvements, including enhanced markers and tabs, help speed your work.


Intuitive real-time design environment

Start animating right away with the easy-to-use tools and intuitive interface in Motion 4. You can see the results in real time as you work and adjust animation settings on the fly. Instantly set an object in motion by dragging a behaviour to the Canvas, then use the Keyframe Editor to make precise adjustments.

Breathtaking filters and effects

Motion 4 comes with more than 120 GPU-accelerated filters and effects. And filters are just the beginning. Instantly animate mesmerising patterns with Replicator, and rapidly create smoke, fog or other dramatic effects with one of more than 200 particle presets. You can create even more effects by using a wide range of third-party FxPlug filters

Effortless 3D graphics

Create motion graphics in 3D space without learning a brand-new interface. The integrated 3D multiplane environment in Motion 4 is a natural extension of familiar 2D tools. All of the Motion features, such as particles, text behaviours, motion paths and Replicator, work in the 3D environment.

Powerful compositing

The comprehensive set of layering and masking tools in Motion 4 offers everything you need for compositing 2D and 3D graphics. Precisely adjust video clips to work with your composites by using features such as optical flow retiming, SmoothCam stabilization for shaky shots, and automatic point tracking and match moving.

Easy-to-use text and titling tools

Make the letters in a word, phrase or sentence tumble onto the screen by adjusting a single character. Create instant sequences of numbers that count up or count down. Build editable lower thirds and other titles for use in Final Cut Pro, with regular text or animated LiveFonts. Working with text has never been easier.

For more info on the other application in Final Cut tudio, visit the Apple website:

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