Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fujifilm announce release of FinePix S200EXR, its latest prosumer bridge camera

Fujifilm has announced the successor to its well-received S100FS, the S200EXR, featuring its Super CCD EXR Sensor. A new arrangement of the color filter mosaic provides more image data than conventional arrays. Combined with new 3-way Capture Technology, the result is a single sensor that can operate in three modes: high resolution, wide dynamic range, or high sensitivity and low noise.


Super CCD EXR Sensor
Even closer to the human eye than you imagined. The award-winning switchable EXR sensor delivers optimal results for high resolution, high contrast, and low-light photography

Super Intelligent Flash
A flash control technology that lets you take flash-assisted macro shots with the ideal balance of flash output and sensitivity. Integrated in the Auto mode, this next-generation flash system captures both the subject and background in bright, clear details over the full flash range including ultra close-ups.

2.7-inch, 230,000-dot LCD monitor
The 2.7-inch, 230,000-dot LCD monitor assures a sharp, brilliant view. The wide viewing angle of up to 160°, both vertically and horizontally, keeps the image visible when holding the camera at various angles, and is equally convenient for playing back images and viewing menus.

Easy Viewing EVF (Electronic Viewfinder)
The newly developed electronic viewfinder is designed to offer the same kind of viewing experience as an optical finder. It's LCD system shows dramatically improved responsiveness and color accuracy, thanks to a field sequential motion system, allowing it to be used to check color balance and focus. The 0.2-inch, approximately 200,000-dot back-panel LCD monitor offers an improved view as well, with a finer, less-pixelated image.

CCD-RAW (EXR) + JPEG File Formats for Post-Processing
For the ultimate in image quality, CCD-RAW (EXR) capture mode, producing files that can be developed and post-processed on your PC

You can also choose to have the camera simultaneously record CCD-RAW (EXR) and JPEG files.

Price: TBA

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