Thursday, July 16, 2009

Free Lantern for Poser from Content Paradise

Content Paradise are offering another freebie. Get your free Lantern for Poser 5/6/7 now. The included materials were done with shader nodes - so you can only use the lantern
with Poser 5 or higher.

Just load the lantern into your scene, scale and place it for your needs and
you are ready to render.

Maybe make it more transparent, place a light in it or make your own materials for it.

I hope you´ll have fun with this little freebie :)

Mac - User Information

If the default Mac decompression utility ('BOMArchiveHandler') says that it can't decompress the downloaded ZIP file, there are two things to do.

1. Use a different decompression utility. Either Stuffit Expander or any of several free- and shareware utilities which can expand ZIP files, should be able to correctly extract the contents of the ZIP.

2. In the Finder, select the ZIP archive and choose 'Get Info' from the File menu. In the 'Ownership and Permissions' section of the Info window, click the 'Show Details' disclosure triangle; set your current user account and the current group to have 'Read and Write' permissions.

You may need to enter an admin password in order to authorize this, but you should then be able to properly extract all the files from the ZIP.

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