Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Young Photographers’ Alliance

Rooftops on FireImage by newbeltane via Flickr

The Young Photographers Alliance (YPA) is a global community where young photographers connect with the inspiration, resources and contacts they need to build successful and sustainable careers as the great artists and communicators of the future.

Many aspiring young photographers don't know where to turn to when they first get started in their chosen career. The YPA aims to help them. It's mission statement says "

YPA is an educational foundation dedicated to rallying the resources of the creative community and general public in support of young talent. Our mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of image-makers by offering the real-world knowledge, insight, experience and contacts they need to build sustainable careers as photography professionals.

YPA is unique in its focus on community and the fostering of direct, meaningful connections between emerging and established photographers. Our vision is to create powerful synergies between the two groups, recognizing that collaboration benefits both, and ultimately energizes and advances the profession as a whole.

Great talent isn’t just born. It’s developed.

The Young Photographers Alliance provides financial grants and skill-development opportunities for emerging photographers and photography students enrolled in college programs across the United States.

However, the organisation is now seeking to establish itself in the UK. First launched in the US, YPA is coming to the UK soon, To help establish the organisation in the UK, Chris Coe, a landscape photographer and founder of the Travel Photographer of the Year competition, is putting some of his resources in play.

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Monday, July 12, 2010

US papers issue "Cease and Desist" order to website

Papers to website: stop quoting our stories. Website to papers: you'll be the loser

Three US newspaper chains have demanded that a popular political website stop quoting from their papers, claiming that the site is guilty of a "flagrant and persistent theft of our clients' intellectual property" reports Roy Greenslade on The Guardian Blog. Read more of the article here.

Of course, the debate about how much one is allowed to 'quote' before its considered plagiarism is not a new one. To some extent or other, the whole blog-sphere depends on quoting from the writings of others. In many ways, that's what makes the whole blogging thing work, the hyperlinks to other information around the web. Indeed, all bloggers love it when others quote and link to their blogs... it helps raise their SEO profile and bring in more readers.

So,what do you think? Are the newspaper publishers right or is it just sour grapes that the online media world is doing better than the paper publishing world?

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Monday, July 05, 2010

National Parks Infinite Photo

National Geographic have perhaps the most extensive landscape photo library on the  internet today. You can now zoom in on a spectacular national park photo to reveal hundreds more photos making up the original. Then zoom again at each level for an endless array of images, each submitted by users to My Shot.

 When you zoom in initially, the image looks sort of pixelated but zoom in again and you will actually see that it's a mosaic of countless images. keeping zooming in and you are presented with a selection of images from contributors. You can repeat this endlessly, hence the 'Infinite' bit. Try, its quite addictive!
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