Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sigma SD15 available

The Sigma SD 15 is the latest in Sigma's range of DSLR. It uses a unique three-layer sensor (Foveon X3) to capture 14 MP of full colour detail. in addition, it comes with a durable focal plane shutter that is rated for 100,000 exposures an is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of dust and dirt on the sensor.
To minimise camera shake there are two motor systems, which together with a mirror-lock mechanism can be very usefulwhen shooting macro or when using ultra-telephoto lenses.
Up to 21  frames can be captured in RAW mode as the camera comes with a DDR2 buffer memory module (twice the size of the SD14 buffer). The camera can shoot at up to 3 FPS in RAW up to this limit. In terms of image processing, the SD15 incorporates the TRUE II image processor. The camera is compatible with SD memory cards (inc. SDHC). With an ISO range of 50 - 3200 the SD15 can capture rich tones n a wide variety of lighting conditions. Using its 5 focus points  (center one is of the cross type) the camera is claimed to be fast and precise in its focusing. If needed, there is also a 5 frame auto bracketing function. Sigma offers SIGMA Photo Pro 4.0 for post-processing of RAW images.
More information is available on the Sigma site at
The Sigma SD15 is available for pre-order at £799.99 for the body from most major retailers.
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