Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 lens on Sony a6000

Continuing my experiments with vintage glass attached to modern digital camera (namely my recently acquired Sony a6000), I took some test images with a Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 lens. Below you can see some images along with 100% detail sections. First up is an image I took of raindrops on our kitchen window during some heavy rainfall.

Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 - window with raindrops

Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 - 100% detail
As you can see from the detail, the image has not been edited and you can see the colour noise. Even at this pixel-peeping level I think the image is pretty sharp, bearing in mind that it was raining heavily so the drops were running down the window pane pretty fast and 1/60 sec may not have been quite fast enough a shutter speed. The image was shot at F8. Using a manual lens on a digital body means the camera doesn't record the aperture.

Next up is an image of a mechanical digger, shot locally on an out of town shopping complex which is having some construction work done.

Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 lens on Sony a6000
100% detail
As you can see the image is sharp and the colours are true to life. Again, the image has not been retouched, not even for exposure of colour rendition. Pretty impressive in my book!

Finally, here is a grab shot of my MacBook pro laptop screen. It was taken in dim ambient lighting and focused using Focus Peaking and the manual focussing magnification option.

All in all I am very impressed with the quality of the lens and shall be keeping it as a portrait and general purpose lens.

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