Friday, September 18, 2015

Rolleinar MC F3.5/200mm lens

The Rolleinar MC F3.5/200mm lens is another lens I picked up on eBay from exposurelock (for £75).

Rolleinar MC F3.5/200mm lens

The lens is pretty substantial but not overly heavy. It is 180mm long (200mm when integral hood is extended). I found it comfortable to use hand-held although for prolonged use I'd probably want to use a tripod. Its certainly one of, if not the heaviest lens in my rapidly expanding collection. However, I am very happy with it's performance. Here is an example of an image I took with it:

Elderberries in Highwoods Country Park, Colchester, Essex

In particular I think it has a nice bokeh and is capable of capturing fine detail, as can be seen in the 100% detail below:

Rolleinar F3.5/200mm 100% detail
 Bearing in mind that I was standing over a metre away from the subject, the fine fibres (spider's web) attached to the leaves and berries are clearly visible. These are very fine fibres, thinner than a human hair!

The image has not been corrected for chromatic aberration and you can see a modest amount around the edge of the berry at the top left of the image above. The only corrections done were small adjustment to exposure and clarity (Auto Tone and Boost in LR6).

Exposure 1/350 sec, f8, ISO 640.

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