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Animation World Network - The site for anyone the least bit interested in animation

The Animation World Network is the largest animation-related publishing group on the Internet, providing readers from over 151 countries with a wide range of interesting, relevant and helpful information pertaining to all aspects of animation. Covering areas as diverse as animator profiles, independent film distribution, commercial studio activities, licensing, CGI and other animation technologies, as well as in-depth coverage of current events in all fields of animation, AWN gives its readers an easy to navigate, visually and intellectually creative mechanism to electronically access a wealth of information previously unavailable anywhere in the world.

If you are the least interested in animation, either as a producer or simply a consumer, this site is a must. Here is a long list of the content you can find on the site:

Just some of the exciting and informative content you'll find on AWN:

AWNtv — AWN's innovative media portal brings animated shorts, commercials, trailers and clips right to your computer. AWNtv is filled with hundreds of easily searchable animated and visual effects short films, trailers and clips, broken into an array of categories and playlists. With new content being programmed every week, AWNtv will certainly fulfill your need for animation. Ranging from top independent shorts to classic webisodes and behind-the-scenes videos, AWNtv's extensive categorization will guide you right to high-quality video to suit any mood. Branded channels showcase productions from Icebox and fxguide, along with the short films and commercials featured in Stash DVD Magazine. Moreover, weekly playlists bring content together in fun ways, highlighting the best videos AWNtv has to offer.

Animation World Magazine — the first and only electronic publication dedicated to the art, craft and industry of the international animation community. On average, AWN publishes 3-5 new articles a week giving an in-depth look into the vast arenas of the animation community. In addition, each month's worth of articles are compiled into an Acrobat edition and is made available on the site for download.

VFXWorld — a portal site that provides a wealth of information resources dedicated to the diverse fields of visual effects, 3D animation and computer graphics. VFXWorld provides targeted, in-depth perspective and insight into these dynamic industries through an entertaining and informative assembly of viewpoints, tutorials, news and imagery.

Animation Industry Database ( — the ultimate resource for the professional animation community. Use the database and free downloadable directories to find animation, visual effects and related companies located throughout the world. Choose from more than 8,000 companies in more than 80 categories ranging from animation production to distribution, from advertising agencies to trade commissions. The AIDB functions as a buyer's guide, a way to find clients, get work and obtain the products and services you need.

Animation Blogspot — AWN's active blog community offers professionals and fans of animation and visual effects to create their own personalized web presence. Animation Blogspot provides users with the tools to broadcast their take on the industry or share their artistic vision with the world. Specifically geared toward the world of animation and visual effects, this easy-to-use blog community ranges from professional blogs to personal student profiles. Featured Blogs give readers a unique professional point of view, providing movie reviews, in-depth event coverage, tutorials and editorial commentary. Animation Blogspot is a perfect location to find provocative discussion, as well as artwork from emerging and established artists.

AWN Forums — AWN's forums allow animation and visual effects professionals an opportunity to connect with other artists on a variety of topics whether they need help with a current project or want feedback on their latest work. This vibrant community brings pros and novices from around the globe together to network, share, teach and learn, allowing users a chance to exchange information about animation techniques, the industry, trends or just about anything else that is on their minds.

The AWN Showcase — a collection of galleries showing off the imagery of AWN's main publications, Animation World Magazine and VFXWorld, renowned animators and selected showcase gallery members from around the world. Visitors will be able to browse images from films to paintings both traditional and digital. Featured artists include Bill Plympton, Peter Chung, Raoul Servais, Frédéric Back, Michaël Dudok de Wit, Georges Schwizgebel and Priit Pärn. AWN Showcase Member Galleries are dedicated to exhibiting and celebrating the artistry of independent animators from around the globe.

AWN Headline News — the premier daily animation news site provides top stories from around the world. Find out the latest in the world of animation features, video, television, business, commercials, awards, events, calls for entries, and much more.

Animation Flash, AWN Spotlight, VFXNewswire and Spotlight on AWNtv Newsletters — AWN's subscription-based weekly e-mail newsletters keep people up-to-date on the latest animation industry news from around the world. The Animation Flash is the news and nothing, but the news. The AWN Spotlight and the VFXNewswire deliver news headlines, event and job listings, plus site and affiliate news to some 40,000 professionals and enthusiasts. Spotlight on AWNtv shines a light on the latest and greatest video content arriving on AWN's animation video portal.

Career Connections — AWN's recruiting section offers free postings and access to animation professional's résumés as well as recruitment advertisements.

AWN School Database — AWN's Animation School Database provides readers a fast, easy-to-use system for researching and finding information on more than 900 animation education programs in 42 different countries. You can search Schools by name, location, program types, degrees offered, and even do a keyword search through the entire database!

Calendar of Events — this database contains listings for animation and visual effects related events from around the globe.

Student Corner — a special section providing fast and easy access to AWN's entire array of education-related resources.

AWN Book Corner — a section dedicated to books that have everything and anything to do with the animation and visual effects community.

Theatrical Release Database — this database has all the up-to-date information on upcoming theatrical releases both animated and visual effects.

The AWN Store — available online for sale, an exclusive selection of videos, books, magazines, original animation art, limited editions and other merchandise.

fxguide — This AWN affiliate website provides vfx and CG industry news, features, podcasts, application tips and tricks and online forums. It is a leading information source for high-end visual effects professionals. fxguide prides itself on its consistent delivery of original content, providing insight behind developments in the industry. fxguide produces the weekly fxguidetv podcast in HD, featuring the hottest news, tips and interviews from around the vfx community.

XSI Base — This AWN affiliate website is the premier web destination for SOFTIMAGE|XSI users. Featuring in-depth articles, tutorials and discussion forums, XSI Base provides information to the user from professionals working in the field of CG animation and visual effects. Moreover, the site's job board helps XSI users put their skills to work in the ever-expanding industry.

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