Wednesday, February 25, 2009

E-620 announced by Olympus

Olympus have announced their latest addition to the Four Thirds standard, the E-620. The world’s smallest and lightest D-SLR with built-in Image Stabilisation and a portable creative studio! The new Olympus E-620 combines the technical sophistication required by Pros, with easy-to-use functions desired by hobbyists. As a result, ambitious photographers everywhere can now take creativity to a whole new level.

  • Art Filters, Multi Exposure, Wireless flash, Multi-aspect
  • Comfortable Live View thanks to high speed contrast AF
  • Free angle 2.7"/6.9cm HyperCrystal II LCD
Live View
  • 6.4cm/2.5" multi-angle HyperCrystal LCD for greatest flexibility
  • Real-time effect monitoring
  • Pre-control over white balance and exposure compensation
  • Preview of Shadow Adjustment Technology (SAT)
  • 5x/7x/10x magnified view for precise focusing - especially for macro shots
Visit for more details. Price TBA

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Monday, February 16, 2009

FinePix F200 EXR - Welcome to the Extreme Revolution

FinePix F200 EXR - Welcome to the Extreme Revolution

Announcement Date: 04 February 2009

The latest F-Series compact with revolutionary Super CCD EXR switchable sensor technology; the FinePix F200EXR

First announced at Photokina 2008, Fujifilm's new EXR technology makes its first appearance in a new camera announced today, the FinePix F200EXR.

Following a long line of famous Super CCD sensors in cameras like the FinePix F10 and FinePix F31fd, the FinePix F200EXR is designed by Fujifilm to be the perfect camera for the photographic enthusiast. Primed to be the class-leading compact of 2009, the FinePix F200EXR utilises brand new, ground-breaking technology to create an unprecedented level of image quality from a consumer level compact. Using the human eye as the basis for the perfect camera sensor, Fujifilm has yet again extended technological boundaries, creating a Super CCD capable of registering excellent levels of detail when switched to its high resolution mode, but at the same time, capable of offering excellent quality in low light and superb highlight detail in contrasty light when switched to its high sensitivity and wide dynamic range modes respectively.

In addition to the 12 Megapixel 1/1.6"Super CCD EXR and completely redesigned EXR Processor, the FinePix F200EXR inherits its rich feature set from the FinePix F100fd, which includes a powerful Fujinon 5x wide angle optical zoom lens, and the most powerful face detection technology on the market, Face Detection 3.0, with auto red eye removal. On top of this, the F200EXR offers 5 Film Simulation Modes, a 3.0" high-resolution 230,000 dots wide view LCD, HD Photo Output, Dual Image Stabilisation and sensitivity up to ISO 12800 (3 million pixel only).

This combination of cutting-edge technology encased within a pocketable digital compact body means that advanced amateur photographers through to professionals will be able to take breathtaking pictures in the most challenging of conditions.

The world's most versatile photographic sensor

Faced with a market driven by the demand for higher pixel counts, yet conscious that high concentrations of pixels on small sensors can produce diminishing quality returns, Fujifilm engineers had a radical rethink about sensor technology. Why not make a sensor that can flex its behaviour according to the scene to be photographed? Why not give full resolution when bright light allows, but use the pixels in a different way when the light is not ideal? The FinePix F200EXR offers 3 switchable modes in one sensor:

High Resolution mode, which deploys all twelve million pixels, and is designed to offer the finest detail of intricate subjects when light is full and even;

High Sensitivity and Low Noise mode, which caps two adjacent pixels together to produce 6 million large photodiodes, which are big enough to absorb light in the darkest of conditions, to produce low-light shots of extraordinary quality with minimal noise and grain; and

Wide Dynamic Range mode, which captures different exposures with two sets of six million pixels, which, when combined, gives an excellent level of detail in highlights that would otherwise be lost.

In EXR Mode, the photographer can choose which sensor setting is preferable for the subject to be photographed by choosing High Resolution Priority (HR) to maximise resolution, High ISO and Low Noise Priority (SN) for high quality low-light work or D-Range Priority (DR) for the best detail with contrasty subjects.

Perfect Pictures - Automatically

The FinePix F60fd was the first digital camera to introduce SR AUTO (Scene Recognition AUTO), allowing photographers to let the camera determine the settings to ensure correct exposure, colour reproduction and lighting. The FinePix F200 EXR takes the next technological step by combining Scene recognition technology with EXR technology by automatically and intelligently choosing the correct Super CCD EXR Priority in conjunction with a range of other controls (image quality, exposure, focus, white balance etc). Now, the photographer can let the camera choose the best sensor mode by using the revolutionary EXR AUTO mode, which is the most efficient mechanism yet invented to quickly optimise the camera's settings to allow the photographer to concentrate on capturing the perfect shot. EXR Auto offers six modes to choose from: Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Backlit Portrait, Night, and Night Portrait. As an example, when taking close subject, FinePix F200EXR will intelligently choose Macro mode by recognizing the scene. Then the sensor will switch to the best EXR mode that is suitable for the scene. Intelligently switching into one of High Resolution Priority (HR), High ISO and Low Noise Priority(S/N), and D-Range Priority (DR) to capture the best possible shot.

The FinePix F200EXR also retains Fujifilm's improved exposure modes. New "Super intelligent flash" can control technology that even lets you take flash assisted macro shots without flash washout. Enables to capture subjects and background in bright, clear a natural detail over the full flash range including ultra close-ups. Other popular exposure modes such as Natural Light and with Flash (giving the user a choice of flash 'on' or flash 'off' shots) or Natural Light, is featured to capture great candid portraits when powerful flash might be intrusive.
Like all great compacts, the FinePix F200EXR lets the photographer decide the best shooting mode. On AUTO, the camera deploys 12 million pixels and operates like other standard high-class compacts. On MANUAL, the aperture and shutter speed can be chosen independently, while PROGRAM mode offers a choice of Program AE and Aperture Priority AE.

Don't Leave Without Your Favourite Film

Photographic versatility is stretched yet further with the addition of five Film Simulation modes. Producing beautiful images is something which is in the very DNA of Fujifilm, and Fujifilm engineers are determined to leverage the considerable strengths gained through years of perfecting film to making the best sensor possible. Introduced to compacts for the very first time, the FinePix F200EXR offers Velvia / Vivid mode for rich and luscious landscapes, Provia / Standard mode for excellent, sharp, standard photography, ASTIA / Soft mode for fine, smooth tonality, Black and White for dramatic monochromes and Sepia for a warm-toned period look are also featured.

Great on TV Also

Images captured by the FinePix F200EXR look breathtaking when displayed on an HDTV. With standard HD cameras, HD-out means pictures can de displayed in the correct aspect ratio in excellent resolution. But with the FinePix F200EXR, noise and grain in the shadows is hardly noticeable while highlights, so often poor with conventional cameras, can be seen in excellent detail. And colour, sometimes washed out and insipid, looks bold and dramatic, especially when Film Simulation modes are used.

The Full Package

The FinePix F200EXR is fitted with the same sharp lens that made its predecessor such a winner. With its precision optics and massive 5x zoom range, from wide 28mm to long telephoto of 140 mm, the optic delivers sharp, crisp pictures to the sensor every time. And with CCD shift image stabilisation combined with high sensitivity, shots will be blur-free time after time, even in the most difficult of conditions. The FinePix F200EXR can shoot up to super high sensitivity ISO 12800.

Finally, to help with quick focusing, the FinePix F200EXR is fitted with Fujifilm's Face Detection 3.0, which is regarded to be one of the most accurate and speedy on the market. Faces can be 'found' instantly and accurately at any angle.

Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm's Director, said: "Fujifilm's F series cameras have long been regarded as image quality leading compact cameras, and have been triumphant in numerous awards. What makes them so successful is Fujifilm's Super CCD sensor, built from years of Fujifilm's photographic knowledge. Now, with the launch of Super CCD EXR in the FinePix F200EXR, Fujifilm have taken compact camera technology and image quality to a new level. The FinePix F200EXR will suit serious photographers, advanced amateurs and everyone who wants the best image quality in the convenience of a compact body."

Key features at a glance:

• Brand NEW Super CCD EXR 12 megapixel switchable sensor
• 5x (28-140mm) wide-angle optical zoom lens
• Dual Image Stabilisation
• 3" clear view LCD screen
• Ultra high sensitivity in low light (ISO 6400 at 6MP resolution & 12800 at 3MP resolution)
• Full manual controls (including aperture and shutter priority)
• EXR Auto (Portrait, Night, Macro, Landscape. Night portrait & Backlit portrait)
• Film Simulation mode (Provia/Standard, Velvia/Vivid, ASTIA/Soft, Black & White, Sepia)
• Full Photo HD output
• Available in Carbon Quartz

Availability & pricing
The FinePix F200EXR will be available from end of February. Pricing will be announced nearer to the date of the launch.

- ENDS -

Notes to Editors
*For up-to-date pricing, further information, images and products for review, please contact:
Katie Teesdale
Fujifilm UK Ltd
01234 572 101
07979 525398

Lisa Graham
Fujifilm UK Ltd
01234 572 057
07778 477 815

Information about Fujifilm products, and high-resolution images, are also available at

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Nikon announces new Coolpix lineup

Nikon UK is proud to announce eight new additions to the COOLPIX lineup.

The COOLPIX P90 is a compact camera that boasts an impressive 24x wide angle optical zoom. Its high-performance super-telephoto zoom, wide-angle capabilities and other powerful features are combined in an easy-to-use camera, making it ideal for users looking for the famous Nikon quality, in a camera that’s compact and portable.

The upgraded S-Series line-up now includes the COOLPIX S630, S620, S230 and S220. All four models have been designed with one thing in mind: to offer users ultimate style, speed and simplicity in a compact camera body.

The COOLPIX S630 is compact and stylishly designed with a special Sure Grip for a comfortable finger-fit. The COOLPIX S620 has the best ISO standard of any compact camera in its class. The COOLPIX S230 is both stylish and easy to use thanks to its advanced touch-screen system, while the COOLPIX S220 looks elegant, and offers complete ease of use. All four models are available in colours that fit any taste or personality, and all feature Nikon’s EXPEED image-processing concept.

There are also three new COOLPIX L-Series cameras: the L100, L20 and the L19. All three are packed with high-quality features that make taking photographs a joy, without stretching the budget.

With superb quality NIKKOR lenses, these cameras are all easy to carry and easy to use and include features such as Scene Auto selector, Smile Mode and Blink Warning - making great images possible for everyone.

For more information about the new range please click here

To download/order the latest COOLPIX brochure please click here

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