Saturday, May 31, 2008

Photoshop Tutorials | by Jennifer Apple

photoshop tutorials - top logofree Photoshop tutorials from Jennifer Apple

An excellent Photoshop resource is to be found at

There you will find a wide range of tutorials covering the most recent versions of Photoshop. Photoshop (by Adobe) is a very popular photo editor with a vast range of effects. Its possible to do much of what Photoshop does with open source software like GIMP or similar but cheaper software (Pixelmator, Photoshop Elements and GraphicConvertor) but nothing quite matches Photoshop for the breadth of its capabilities.

Whether you are a newbie of an experienced user of Photoshop there is something for everyone so get yourself along there today.

If you need to produce web graphics, carry out some photo retouching or need to create some fancy text effects then you will find plenty to interest you on her site. There are also plenty of links to other sites so its worth bookmarking her site or adding it to your favourites.


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Friday, May 30, 2008

RedBubble | Introducing the community

What’s RedBubble?


RedBubble is a vibrant global community of people with creative interests.
It’s something different for each of us:

  • a place to share the illustrations you create at night,
  • a forum to seek feedback on the story you’re writing,
  • a creative antidote to the day job,
  • lunch break entertainment,
  • a gallery to inspire,
  • a marketplace to buy and sell unique works of art and,
  • a place to be inspired by like–minded people.

RedBubble is a forum for self expression, an inclusive art gallery and a supportive and welcoming community.

I have recently joined the RB community and can highly recommend it for any artists wishing to promote their art and even sell cards, posters etc. Why not visit now?

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rings | Hena Tayeb

'Rings' by Hena Tayeb is the latest pick from my favourite artists at RedBubble. Although her profile doesn't tell us much about her, she is from the USA. perhaps if you drop by her gallery at RB here  she will tell you a bit more about herself (leave a nice comment or better still, buy one of her images!).

I personally like this for several reasons. Its well composed and is an interesting study of the hand. The sepia effect helps to concentrate the mind in my opinion and it just works for me. Let her know what you think and tell her I sent you!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Deep Thinker | Elaine Harriott

Elaine is a fellow member of the RedBubble community. I have chosen her as one of my images of the week. Its entitled "Deep thinker". here is what she says about it: "My little nephew was trying to get to some berries on a bush. He was too small to reach it so decided to climb up the hill and pick them from the top, but when he got there the slope of the hill towards the berries looked a little too daunting. This is the look of a 2-year old problem solving!"

Elaine is from Australia and has only been a member of RedBubble for a few months. However, her work shows great talent and I hope you will visit her gallery on RB.

Whilst you are there lease leave some encouraging words and tell her I sent you!

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If you read my earlier ost you will see I posted the broadband speed test result for my account. Those of you with an eagle eye and a good memory you will remember that it was between my computer and a server in London, around 50 miles away.

Out of curiosity I decided to try testing the link between my computer and a server in Florida, a distance of 4450 miles. The result is posted below:

As you can see, the result is again over 2MB/sec download, so once again, a great result (I'm paying for a 2MB/sec connection). This is good news as a lot of sites I use are located in the US and I have friends over there too. If they ever get their act together and set up a Skype account we will certainly be able to video chat together without too many problems, apart form the time zone differences!

So, five stars to Virgin Media again and to

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Funeral Cortege


This is my latest upload to RedBubble.

This is another image in my series on the funeral of a Kurdish asylum seeker in London. This one is of the car that carried the coffin.

This is one of a series of images I took on the funeral march of Siho Iyiguven, a Kurdish man seeking asylum in the UK in 1989. At the time there was an influx of Kurdish people fleeing persecution by the Turkish authorities. Siho was unfortunate to be imprisoned without trial or even being placed on remand… simply because the there were no places available in the detention centres and the Conservative government. He had done nothing wrong, except seek asylum in the UK and an escape form the Turkish death squads that we killing Kurds at the time. He died 5th Oct 1989.

So, in desperation, he and another Kurdish man set fire to their cell. He and his cellmate went on hungerstrike, barricaded themselves in and set bedding alight as a protest. Smoke detectors were not working, few fire extinguishers worked and there were no sprinklers. An inquest recorded a misadventure verdict. 2,000 people followed Iyiguven’s funeral procession last Saturday; the mourners intended to present a black wreath to the Prime Minister’s residence but were prevented from doing so by the police.

Ten days after Siho’s death, Halil Guzel was deported back to Turkey. He spent the night before his deportation in handcuffs attached to his belt; on his arrival at Istanbul airport he was immediately arrested. Another refugee attempted suicide by slashing his wrists and neck.

Just recently, his son (who was a child at the time) has got in touch after seeing one of my photos on the web. His mother has died and he is only now finding the truth out abut what happened. Ironically, as a result of the publicity, his mother and he were allowed to stay in the UK, even though his father died fighting for that right.
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Broadband Speed tests

Link to this image to share your results

I regularly test my broadband connection using and my latest result is shown in the graphic above. As you can see I am with Virgin Media (formerly NTL). MY download speed is clocked at 2.2 MB/sec, which considering I am paying for 2MB is pretty good. Upload speed is only 191 kb/sec but the max is only 256 kb/sec on the tariff I am paying so this isn't too bad.

In case you are wondering, yes I do get similar results to this most days so I am pretty content, thugh with Virgin talking about 50 Mb/sec connections coming sometime soon I can't wait to upgrade, though cost will be the deciding factor, as with most folk. Whether I need any more speed is debateable of course, but as I download lots of software to test (I earn some of my daily crust giving tech advice and support), as well as movies etc (legally of course) I can always do with more speed. is my recommended providerr of free speed tests as they have ots of servers you can test against and there results are so cool. You can also compare yourself against others and share your results, even place them on your own wensite. I'm looking at offering them on my own site at in the future once I have worked out just how to do it in php.

So, if you wish to check whetehr you are getting what you pay for I recommend
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

gey jekyll ghosttree

is from Jasper in the US. She is a member of RedBubble online artist
community. I have chosen to feature her picture of a dead tree because
I like its stark beauty.

Above you can see it as a card but you
can also purchase it as a print. Why not visit her gallery on RB and
have a look around at her other art and whilst you are there leave her
some encouraging words. Oh, and tell her I sent you!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Featured artist from RedBubble Community | BidKev

Kev is originally from the UK but now lives in Australia. Many of his images feature Blackpool, in the north-west of England. This is a place very familiar to me as my grand-parents lived there for several years and we were regular visitors. Also, Blackpool is a very popular resort for folk from the north-west of England, so we spent many a summer holiday there.

I choose this shot as it brings back many memories of walks along the promenade on windy days with the waves pounding the sea wall just feet away! I alos like the colours in this one which are a happy accident, as according to Kev they are a result of leaving the film in the sun too long!

Please take the time to visit the artist's gallery on RedBubble at and remember to tell I sent you!
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Christians and the Visual Arts | Discuss

Christians in the Visual Arts exists to explore and nurture the relationship between the VISUAL ARTS and the CHRISTIAN FAITH. Founded in 1979, CIVA first met to consider the place of the Christian artist in the church and in the world-at-large. The success of this initial gathering led CIVA to establish a vision for activities which are now making an impact in a variety of ways.

It is our purpose to encourage Christians in the visual arts to develop their particular callings to the highest professional level possible; to learn how to deal with specific problems in the field without compromising our faith and our standard of artistic endeavor; to provide opportunities for sharing work and ideas; to foster intelligent understanding, a spirit of trust, and a cooperative relationship between those in the arts, the church, and society; and ultimately, to establish a Christian presence within the secular art world.

Visit CIVA here

As a Christian myself and as an 'artist' ( as well as photography I have always enjoyed sketching and other art forms), this is an important issue for me - Christians and the arts. So often, Christians and the Church have an ambivalent attitude towards the arts and in the extreme, are dead set against the arts in general.

Amazing to think that some of the greatest art in the Western world (Book of Kells anyone?) was created by Christians!

Hopefully, this site and others like it will help dispel any myths and correct any misunderstandings. Visit the site and make up your own mind.

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One of my recent favourite images from RedBubble: The Chief | Peta Ridley

The Chief

The Chief by Peta Ridley

RedBubble is such a great showcase for excellent talent from around the world. There is not only photography but other art forms too and you can purchase works at very reasonable prices too. Even if you don't intend to purchase its still worth the visit just to be inspired by the art. There is also writing and poetry on the site so there is plenty to meet all tastes.

Be sure to visit and if you are an artist, why not join up! Just tell them I sent you!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Is there such as thing as a Spanish Leprechaun?

I came across this video on a Spanish blog (yes its in Spanish...). I have absolutely no idea what its about but it made me smile. If you can translate it into English (at least enough to give me the gist of what its all about anyway) then please do so in the comments.

In the meantime, watch and enjoy!

Embedded Video

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Animation World Network | Keeping your world animated.

Animation World Network is a new site featuring animations from  round the world. With over 500 animated shorts to watch it is definitely worth a visit if you are at all interested in any kind of animation.

Currently the site is in Beta but that hasn't stopped them putting together a very slick and professional site with plenty of excellent material.

{click on the screenshot image to see a larger version}

Check out the Editor's pick, where each month they choose five videos and you can vote on them for your personal choice. There is also a lol Lounge (Laugh out Loud!) where you can view a 30 mnutes helping of various funny shorts. Another section focuses on reviews from Festivals around the world. This is a good way of keeping up with what is happening around the world and checking out the latest talent.

My personal rating : *********

Click on the log below to visit the site.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Latest sale on Zazzle Gallery!

The latest purchase from my Zazzle gallery is of the Duomo at Pisa, Italy. Thank you Meaghan in Parkville, MD, USA!

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RedBubble | Art Gallery and Creative Community

I have recently joined RedBubble, an online art community.

You can visit it by either clicking on the images above or on the banner below.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Winner of the POTY Round 1 Announced!

Unfortunately, it wasn't me! However, I think you'll agree that the winning image
is worthy of the honours. The image of a group of young people  in Coventry.

Read more about the photographer and the competition at

Thank you for everyone who voted for me. I look forward to Round 2!
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