Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Challenge Win on RedBubble!

Bliss by newbeltane was voted the winner of this great sunny challenge!! We had some amazing entries in this one… I am now warmed up :)

This is my first challenge win on RB so I am feelign somewhat chuffed!

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Friday, October 24, 2008

iPod Shuffle updated

iPod shuffle

Apple has updated the iPod Shuffle range. Not quite as many colours as the Nano but still looking pretty cool. The 1GB version holds 240 songs, and is available now for £32. The 2GB version holds 500 songs and costs £45, so is a better deal (13.3 p/per song for the 1GB, compared to 9p/per song for the 3GB).

Instant attachment.
Wear up to 500 songs on your sleeve. Or your belt. Or your gym shorts. iPod shuffle is a badge of musical devotion. Now in new, more brilliant colours.

Feed your iPod shuffle.
iTunes is your entertainment superstore. It's your ultra-organised music collection and jukebox. And it's how you load up your iPod shuffle in one click.

Beauty and the beat.
Intensely colourful anodised aluminium complements the simple design of iPod shuffle. Now in blue, green, pink, red and original silver.

Fr more info or to purchase visit Apple's store here

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

5% Cashback - Limited offer!

For a very limited time I am offering 5% cashback on completed purchases from my RedBubble Gallery. This offer expires Midnight 30th October 2008, so hurry along and purchase from my extensive range!

You can click on the flash panel below and it will take you directly to my gallery.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Photographer's Dilemma

Life as a photographer wishing to take his first step into purchasing a DSLR has just got more difficult. After using a so-called 'Bridge' digital camera (half-way between a compact and a DSLR), I have decided the time is ripe for upgrading. My old Fuji 602z has served me well but now I am looking to get back into earning some of my living from photography.

I have a part-time job running a charity but its never going to be full-time. Not that I am looking for a full-time job, but I do need to earn some more money in this so-called 'credit crunch'. As I used to earn a small living from freelancing for a magazine and private clients years ago, I feel I would like to give it another go.

My initial feeling is that I will mix some portrait photography (not weddings) with landscape and stock photography, maybe even some travel photography.

To this end, I was seriously considering getting the following system:

Fuji S5 Pro with Nikon lenses
Nikon Speedlight fash
Ringflash adaptor

Now, I can get this system for around £1,500 inc VAT.

However, the recent arrivals from Sony, Canon, Nikon and others have made the choice less clear. Alternatives are:

1. Nikon D90 system offering HD video as an attractive extra.
2. Sony Alpha 350 system offering excellent Live View
3. Canon 450 system

All of these are within my budget, with some compromises. The question is, which is best? Now Nikon and Canon traditionally have had an advantage with their extensive systems of lenses and bodies. Fuji uses Nikon fit lenses so they are in the frame still. Sony, though the new kid on the block, have made a great start and have a developing range with their new A900 pro camera and its amazing resolution!

There is also the future promise of the Leica S2 on the horizon offering a 56% larger sensor than full-size sensors in the D3 and EOS 5D Mk II.

Maybe even the new Micro Four Thirds systems should be in the mix too?

I am tempted to just get a Canon G10 for now and a decent flash and wait and see what happens. Certainly, the price of the systems I have mentioned are bound to drop in the next twelve months and in light of the current credit crunch maybe that's the best option.
What does anyne else think?

Ubuntu 8.10 is almost here!

Not long to go until UBUNTU 8.10 is released. Available for various hardware, Ubuntu is the friendly face of Linux for all those who don't wish to pay the MS/Apple tax.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Creating a Mac-Type Background in Photoshop Tutorial

Creating a Mac-Type Background in Photoshop
This tutorial is about making a "mac" style background. You can use these in all sorts of situations, including the obvious --your desktop-- as well as part of your designs or for corporate work (Powerpoint presentations, Flash work, etc). Naturally, you wouldn't want to use this exact set of steps, but following them will give you a good idea of the technique. Good luck!

This site is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to improve their Photoshop skills.

There are plenty of different tutorials to follow, including how to convert an ordinary picture of a giraffe into a wallpaper of a giraffe fading away into musical notes and how to create a fantasy illustration of a winged dragon.

Check out the site here

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

aniMate Starter Bundle

aniMate Starter Bundle

DAZ 3D have released aniMate for Mac and Windows.

The aniMate Starter Bundle includes everything you need to get started in the world of animation! Take your favorite DAZ 3D characters, clothes and scenes, and make them come to life in your own movies and creations. You are the director, so make your dreams come to life - in full motion!

You get:
aniMate: The basic plug-in for DAZ Studio opens the door to your animated movies and creations. This comes with the aniPad, aniTimeline, and 40 aniBlocks to get you started. Import animations, create your own aniBlocks, and start your career as a digital filmmaker.

aniMate Walk Construction Kit: Need more walks? The aniMate Walk Construction Kit has you covered! Build you own walk cycle from 27 aniBlocks, and let your characters walk around in your scenes fluidly and effortlessly. This is a must for creating dramatic scenes and animations.

aniMate Gesture Pack #1 - Standing and Interaction: Start you characters interacting with each other with this package of aniBlocks for interpersonal motions and interactions. Kiss, wave, hug, or angry - your actor's emotions are under your control.

aniMate Dance Club Moves 1: Got a hot club scene, or an exotic dancer on a darkened stage? aniMate has you covered with this high-energy pack of 19 full dances. Create your own dances from parts of each, or use them as they are. You're sure to find the hot moves you crave in this package!

...Lights, Camera...aniMate!


* This bundle comes with four aniMate products:
o aniMate
o aniMate Walk Construction Kit
o aniMate Gesture Pack #1 (Standing and Interaction)
o aniMate Dance - Club Moves #1
There is a trial version available here. Price is $69.97
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Featured again on RedBubble!

This time my image "Lenwade" was feayred in the Stillness Speaks Group on RB. You can see the full image by clicking on the image above.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

DAZ Studio updated

DAZ Studio is a feature rich 3D figure posing and animation tool that enables users of any skill level to easily create stunning digital imagery. Whether you're a 3D newbie or an avid 3D artist, you'll find DAZ Studio is the perfect tool for designing unique digital art and animation with virtual people, animals, props, vehicles, backgrounds and more. Experience total creative freedom with DAZ Studio and express yourself in 3D like never before. Version focuses entirely on bug and crash fixes reported from external users. There are specific fixes relating to crashing that occur when using the Content Manager.

3D Models

DAZ 3D creates and purchases 3D assets with the single purpose of providing the best 3D content at the best prices. DAZ 3D's flagship line of "Millennium Figures" includes Victoria, Michael, Aiko, the Pre-School & Pre-Teen kids, the Freak, the Millennium Dragon, Horse, Dog, and many more.

DAZ 3D is not only home to the best 3D models and accessories around, but is also where you'll find the best 3D artists and content creators. Aside from the products owned and created by DAZ 3D, you'll find thousands of products created by independent artists considered the
best in their field.

Join the DAZ 3D Platinum Club and you'll be guaranteed the best price on any product and also gain access to a library of over 1,500 items that you can purchase for just a $1.99, not to mention the special perks, previews, and other benefits that are available to "Members Only."

3D Software

Enlarge your 3D toolset with DAZ 3D's powerful suite of 3D applications including Bryce, Carrara, DAZ Studio, Hexagon, and Mimic. Make your 3D models walk and talk as real or unreal as you need. Dress, shape, style, morph, and bend the models into the perfect virtual actor/actress to fill your project specifications.

Create your own 3D models and accessories from scratch using a broad array of 3D modeling and texturing tools. Or, start with an existing 3D model and customize it into something entirely different and beautiful from within your mind's eye.

Design your own virtual worlds and environments to fill with your personalized 3D avatars and subjects, or to leave preserved as singular pieces of beauty and wonder all their own. Explore the power of creation as you move mountains and rivers, grow forests and oceans, or build cities and sprawling metropolises.

3D Community

Sit upon the shoulders of the great ones as you join the DAZ 3D community and gain new skills and techniques from others who have gone before you. Read tutorials, wiki pages, blogs, and chats of 3D artists from all over the world.

Give back to the 3D community by sharing your own new found knowledge with others as you continue to grow and excel as a digital artist. Publish your own blog and tutorials, contribute to the DAZ 3D Wiki, and chat with other artists to help grow the community.

Meet people from around the globe that share your interests, hire artists to help you with projects, offer your services to those in need, and form bonds with community members as you interact with others online.


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