Monday, March 05, 2012

Nokia 800 PureView 41MP cameraphone

Fancy a a 41 MP sensor and Carl Zeiss lens on your smartphone? Who wouldn't. Well, now you can. Nokia has announced the Nokia 808 PureView. With its groundbreaking 41 MP image quality, Carl Zeiss lens, and PureView imaging technology, the PureView is certainly a breakthrough product. Could we see similar technology in more smartphones and tablets in the near future? Let's hope so.Nokia proclaims the technology in the PureView as a breakthrough for mobile photography and it certainly produces stunning images. You can either use the resolution to produce large images or to zoom into a scene and retain image quality. Nokia describes this as distilling 7 pixels into 1 for stunningly sharp and clear 5 MP photos that retain detail. Watching the videos on their site it certainly looks like Nokia have overcome one of the issues with most smartphone cameras, that of digital zoom producing less than stunning images. The sensor was in partnership with Toshiba and is around 1/1.2in in size, which is much bigger than other smartphone sensors.

In addition to the camera, the Nokia 800 PureView offers a powerful Xenon flash and LED video light, Dolby Surround Sound and Full HD video at 30 frames per second at 4 times zoom. 

For more info visit Nokia

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