Friday, June 26, 2009

Bloggers Unite for a Free Iran

Bloggers Unite for a FREE IRAN on Mon. June 29th.

Bloggers Unite to support Human Rights in Iran on Monday June 29th.

Violence, arrests, crackdowns and media blackouts continue to increase in Iran in the aftermath of the recent presidential elections.

On Monday June 29th, we ask Bloggers from around the globe to Unite for a Free Iran. Please JOIN this event and use your blog to educate your readers and spread the word about how we can help support a Free Iran.

Tweeting about this event use hash tag #FreeIran.

What can you blog about? How can you help?

* write a post about the lack of basic human rights and freedoms

* ask democratic leaders from around the world to unite and stand up for the citizens of Iran

* let the people in Iran know that we are supporting them and their fight for freedom

* do what we can to help highlight the disappearance and inhuman treatment of Iranian citizens

* arrange/promote Blogger & Twitter Meetups in your town on Monday

* write a post offering moral support to the people of Iran

* call on the Iranian government to stop arresting peaceful protesters and opposition supporters, and to free those it has already detained

* blog to get the people of Iran free and open Internet access

* blog for a fair and just election

* write a post asking your readers to email the United Nations Human Rights Commission to hold an Emergency Meeting

* blog to free the press and remove the controls that have been placed on media and bloggers

* call for an end to the violence in Iran

* blog to ask your readers to turn all avatars black to mourn those killed in the protests

* add an Action Badge to your blog before June 29th and ask other bloggers to join in.

Please post any other ideas you have for how bloggers can use our blogs to make a difference on Monday June 29th.

To discuss the event visit

Tweeting? Use Hash Tag #FreeIran

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